Giant Dogs



Hassanhill's Quorum for Ferncliffe (Sven)

Parents Grandparents Gt Grandparents Gt Gt Grandparents
Leon della Selvafosca Ch. Stable Master's Superman Ch. Friper De Pichera
Ch. Stablemaster's Electric Lady
Cleopatra-N Ch. Free de Pichera
Chantal-N Di Castle Lorrana
Hassanhill's Lilly of the Valley Nenevale Holmer Ch. Xeros V Buck Of Nenevale
Nenevale Quedame
Ch. Catechism Rise n'Shine to Hassanhill Ch. Musta Koiras Mikko O'Hakkas
Catachism Skylark

Zentaur vom Nordexpress


Riesenheim Bigger is Better


Druminphilips Astrerix for Ferncliffe


Ferncliffe Ivan Ivanovich


FCI Int Ch Savali Level Hi Fi at Ferncliffe


Hassanhill's Quorum for Ferncliffe


Ferncliffe Bjorn Showoff


Rus Astershvarc Revolution at Riesenheim