Older Puppies

Bruce is just turning 1 year old and is already an excellent dog and companion. He's very loyal, friendly and sociable. Amazing temperament, great with kids, other people and animals, he grew up around chickens, cats, horses, cows and other dogs, we even rescued an owl so he knows birds are our friends too. I've always taught him animals are our friends.

For a year old dog he's very well trained and disciplined, he obeys commands very well and he will be an exceptional dog. He's used to a good hour or more walk every day so you will need give him that or have plenty of land for him to roam at will.
He will not be destructive if left alone, he will guard and he will protect. But I will strictly not allow him to go into a home where the owners are at work all day. He needs an owner/s who are around and have time for him. A family home environment with other pets and a decent amount of land will be perfect for him.

I can honestly say there's no bad characteristics about Bruce. He's a big dog and still a puppy so he does get excited around new people. I've taught him to not jump up and to not pull. 

Bruce is Kennel Club registered and has endorsements on his registration.



Call Karen or Rick on 01524 411220 for initial enquiries or karen@giantschnauzer.cc